Spouse Memorial Bench

Creating a memorial bench to honor and celebrate the life of your loved one is a wonderful gesture. At Smith Steelworks, we collaborate closely with each client to craft personalized benches that are not only enduring but can also withstand decades of use, even in the most extreme weather conditions.

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Spouse Memorial Bench Process

Send Pictures

Start by sending us any ideas or pictures you would like to include. For the Cozer family’s bench, they chose to incorporate George’s fishing photo against a backdrop of a scenic river and mountains. We can also add names, dates, or inscriptions as desired.

Design Bench

Next, we forward your ideas to our design team. They will then brainstorm various drafts depicting how the bench will look. You can make any desired changes, and we won’t proceed without your complete approval


We send the draft to our manufacturing team, where we cut, bend, and weld the bench together. Afterward, we apply our  three step process. Finally, your bench is completed and ready to be shipped directly to you.

Benefits Of A Spouse Memorial Bench

Memorial benches are so much more than just a beautiful piece of furniture. Learn of some of the benefits below.

Helpful Healing

Everyone grieves differently, but offering a serene place to sit and remember can always be comforting. We suggest placing the bench in a location that held meaning for your loved one or evokes a sense of peace. Our memorial benches have found their place in local parks, nature trails, schools, and playgrounds. You can explore our other installations here.

Made To Last

Experience the enduring quality of our memorial benches, secured by our three-step powder coating process. We begin with sandblasting the metal, followed by the application of an epoxy primer. The final touch is the powder coating, available in a spectrum of colors. This process justifies your investment, guaranteeing the bench will last for decades to come despite the climate. 

How To Order A Memorial Bench?

Call or email for a quote! Provide your general information, bench style, size, design and color you would like for your bench. A representative will get ahold of you within 24 hours with a quote.