Whimsical Steel Bench

At Smith Steelworks, our creativity extends beyond memorials as we also craft benches that embody a sense of fun and lightheartedness. This featured bench was crafted by a close friend of Matt Phillips. It includes a laughable portrait and a handful of inside jokes. While these benches exude playfulness, we approach our fabrication process with utmost seriousness, ensuring that your whimsical steel bench lasts decades!

Whimsical Steel Dedication Bench

Whimsical Steel Bench Process

Send Ideas

Email over any pictures or ideas you’d like to add. Matt’s friend had a specific vision in mind when creating this bench and drew ideas from previous designs here.


Once you fully approve our design mock up, we start manufacturing the bench. This includes laser cutting, bending, and welding the bench into shape.


Next, your bench undergoes our three step powder coating process. It’s sandblasted and then primed. Finally, we apply a strong powder coat in a color of your choice.

How To Customize Steel Benches?

Each dedication bench is made to be unique and personlized. Read below to see what you can customize.


Our talented team of artists is dedicated to crafting designs with attention to detail. When it comes to our benches, the possibilities are limitless. We can skillfully incorporate a wide array of elements, including names, dates, portraits, images, borders, landscapes, symbols, and architectural landmarks.



Brighten any outdoor area with a fun splash of color. Cobalt Blue, Bengal Red, and Sassy Pink are just a few vibrant colors we offer! Our polyester powder coating is durable and resistant to chips, scratches, scuffs, and sun fade.


Size and Style

At Smith Steelworks, we offer three different styles of benches: Classic, Classic Arch, and Metropolatian. In addition, we also offer three different sizes: four feet, six feet, and eight feet. This particular bench is a six feet, classic style. 

Call For Whimsical Steel Bench Prices

Start an order today by emailing smithsteelsales@gmail.com or calling directly at (385) 225-4644.

We look forward to working with you!