Memorial Benches For Grave Sites

Smith Steelworks manufactures memorial benches for grave sites. You can personalize your own memorial bench to reflect the life of your loved one. We will provide a variety of bench styles in a multiple of colors. Images of your loved one, logos, quotes, or messages can be laser cut into the steel bench.

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Black Powder Coated Bonastrong Memorial Bench

Ordering A Memorial Bench

Send Bench Ideas

Above is an example of possible graphic images and texts available to create a personalized memorial bench. Ultimately, we can laser cut images, text, and messages. We can also honor most any request.

Bench Proof

Next our design team creates a blueprint of the preliminary sketch. This will be emailed to you for approval. Once approved, we will move forward to create the final bench product.

Long-lasting Bench

Ultimately the final product is created in quality, cleaned steel, primed, and powder coated with a silky smooth coat. As a result our grave benches are fabricated to be fade, rust, and scratch resistant.

Firefighter Memorial Benches Features

Abrasive Sandblast

In order to make our grave site memorial benches fade, rust, and scratch resistant, each of our steel benches will be cleaned of all impurities. Then a top quality primer is sprayed and headed on to bind to the steel. 

Powder Coat Finish

Next, we will powder coat atop the primer, heat it, which in turn adheres to the primer. This process, protects and enhances the benches durability and appearance.

Heavy Duty Finish

Your final product is strong, sturdy, and silky smooth with no sharp or rough edging. Our memorial benches are often found at grave sites, parks, backyard gardens, or even the golf course.