Cemetery Memorial Graveside Bench

Interested in creating your own cemetery memorial graveside bench? These benches are beneficial in cemeteries not only to commemorate a loved one, but to also provide a special place to remember them. At Smith Steelworks, we make each bench with expert care and always complete the bench with a powder coat finish. This coating allows your cemetery bench to withstand many hours in the sun or snow. Order your memorial bench today!

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Creating The Cemetery Memorial Bench

Step 1: Send Ideas

Be sure to email over any details you would like to add to the bench. This can include pictutes, dates, names, and portaits.

Step 2: Design

Our artists then create a model of what your bench will look like. Once you fully approve the design, our team begins fabrication.

Step 3: Finished Bench

We’ll laser cut, bend, and weld your bench into shape. Next, we use a powder coat finish and then ship it directly to you.

Meaning Behind The Bench

What makes this bench special?

This bench was made for Ruth Avery, wife of Stoestyle Avery (pictured above in the remembrance plaque). The Avery family worked hard to keep the memories of those buried in Sardis Cemetery from fading. Now, they own a cemetery plot for their family members headstones and Ruth’s memorial bench.


Cemetery Bench Purposes

These benches provide an atmosphere that makes grave visitors want to stay longer. For family members, it can help aid healing by creating a special place to rest and remember your loved ones. For this particular bench, it provides the Avery family a designated place to gather family together.

Why Choose Smith Steelworks?

Powder Coat

Our three step process of sandblasting, priming, and powder coating, ensures your bench will last for numerous decades. Click here to learn more!

Color Options

We offer a wide selection of colors and textures that stay lustrous on your benches. Click here to view our color list.


The body of the bench is cut from a single sheet of metal and bent into shape. This allows fewer welds, therefore creating less weak points.

Cemetery Memorial Graveside Bench

Call Richard at (385) 225-4644 to get started on a memorial bench. Prices vary on design, bench type, and shipping.