Cemetery Memorial Bench

Creating a cemetery memorial bench is a wonderful tribute to a cherished individual. It provides a dedicated spot for reflection and remembrance. Each bench can be personalized with unique designs. For instance, on this specific bench, a name, inscription, and picture were incorporated. Our steel memorial benches are built to endure through the years, thanks to ourĀ powder coating process.

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A Cemetery Memorial Bench

Cemetery Memorial Bench Process

Sun and Waves For Dittmer Bench

Email Design Ideas

To begin, send your ideas to smithsteelsales@gmail.com. Feel free to include photographs, drawings, inscriptions, or clip art. Our experienced design team are ready to bring your bench ideas to life.

Cemetery Memorial Bench Draft

Bench Mockup

Next, our team will draft up a mock rendition of what your bench will look like. We can change or tweak anything you don’t like. We don’t move to fabrication until we receive your complete approval of the design.

Finished Product

Finally, we laser cut the design into the metal sheet and bend it into shape. This reduces the amount of welds needed in the bench, making it stronger. Once fully fabricated, we powder coat the bench in any color you desire.

Cemetery Memorial Bench Benefits

The Meaning in the Bench

Our benches provide more than mere seating. We have the ability to integrate personal and meaningful pictures or symbols for your loved ones. This bench features a picturesque ocean scenery and is engraved with their motto, “Life is a journey.” Now, when friends and family come to visit their grave, they have a special place to sit and remember them.

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