Grave Bench

Looking for a special way to honor a loved one’s memory? The grave bench provides a space to celebrate their life. Friends and family will have a place to sit, mourn, and reflect. We have found that the memorial bench helps with the grieving process.

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Grave Bench Design Process

Send Design Ideas

How do we start the bench design process? Email us your ideas! For this bench, the client sent us a PDF with different designs arrangements. (As seen above)

Grave Bench Proof

Reviewing the design ideas, our team creates bench proof. This will be emailed to you for inspection and approval before we start the manufacturing process.

Final Product

The bench is laser cut from a single sheet of metal and bent into shape. This requires fewer welds. Lastly, the metal bench is sandblasted, primed, powder coated, and shipped to you.

Powder Coated Grave Bench

Powder Coat Process

Grave memorial benches are put through a powder coating process. These steps include: sandblast, prime, and powder coat that will protect the metal from rust and corrosion. This will keep the grave bench looking new for years to come.

Powder Coat Color Options

Want to use grays, bronzes, or maybe theBengal Blue on the memorial bench? At Smith Steelworks, we provide a variety of durable polyester powders that work with every setting. You can view our full color selection here.

Stainless Steel Footpads

Each grave bench is constructed with stainless steel footpads. Stainless steel is naturally rust repellant and will prevent creepage from spreading up the bench leg.

Laser Cut Designs

The laser is precise and is able to cut small areas. This allows our team to work with intricate, detailed portraits, logos, etc. We make sure that everything is fully tabbed.

Classic Bench Style

The metal benches are designed to have a classic look to them. This makes them a perfect addition to cemeteries, parks, and outdoor areas. You can view our bench styles here.

Order Grave Benches

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