Dedication Benches

Dedication benches were designed to help preserve a loved ones memory. Each bench is fully customizable to your style and design needs. The bench is sandblasted, primed, and powder coated to create a long-lasting product. Parks, cemeteries, campuses, and backyards are all great options for a memorial bench installation.

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Personalized Dedication Benches

Customize Your Dedication Benches

Here at Smith Steelworks, we try to all to allow for as much customization as possible. Our bench designer will work directly with you on inscriptions, portraits, color options, and bench size and style.

Bench Design Process

Dedicatory phrases are laser cut directly into the bench back. This is a place to add your loved one’s name, special phrase, dates, etc. A rendering will be made that depicts how the finished bench will look. It will be emailed to you for final approval. Once we have the go ahead, the dedication bench will be laser cut.

Dedication Benches Created To Last

Weather Resistant Finish

The steel bench is sandblasted, primed, and powder coated to create a tough finish. The powder coat is twice the thickness of paint and holds up against chips and scratches. Powder coat also provides vibrant color that keeps its brightness, even after years of outdoor exposure.

Stainless Steel Footpads

Each dedication bench comes with the option to be bolted down or be moved around. Stainless steel footpads are used at the bottom of the bench legs to protect the bench if it is moved. Stainless steel is naturally repellent to rust and protects the bench from oxidizing up the bench.

Durable Design

To help the bench last longer, it is cut from a single sheet of metal that is bent into shape. This requires less welds. Which in turn reduces weak spots, which are caused from having multiple points being welded together. All welds are also fully welded to prevent moisture.