Cremation Bench

Are you looking for a custom cremation bench for cemeteries or parks? At Smith Steelworks, we manufacture benches to honor those that have passed before us. Memorial benches are available with fully personalized design options along the bench back, powder coating colors, and size options.

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Cremation Bench Process

As the manufacturer, we help with everything from the design process to powder coating.

Email Wording

Email with the wording you would like added to the bench. Photos, sketches, previous bench examples, and AI or PDF files can also be sent.

Bench Mockup

Second, remember the wording you emailed us? It will be made into a bench mockup for you to review. It will be sent to manufacturing once you approve the proof.

Final Product

Last, cremation benches are laser cut from a durable steel sheet and bent into shape. Arms and legs are expertly welded on. Lastly, powder coat is applied to the metal bench.

Cremation Bench Features:

Why choose Smith Steelworks for a custom cremation bench? Memorial benches are long-lasting, durable, and beautifully made. These benches are perfect additions to parks, cemeteries, campuses, business fronts, and other public areas.

Weatherproof Finish

Memorial benches are sandblasted, primed, and powder coated for a tough finish. Powder coat is impervious to scratches, chips, scuffs, and weather conditions.

Powder Coating Colors

Choose from our vast selection of powder coating colors. Copper Canyon, Weather Green, and Hammertone Red are all popular options for the cremation bench.

Design Options

The benches are designed to individualized to each person. Our design team are true artists who are capable of working with portraits, sceneries, custom lettering, and more.

Bench Styles & Sizes

The benches are available in both child and adult sizes. 4′ , 6, and 8′ are our main width options. Choose the Classic, Classic Arch, or Metropolitan bench style.

Bring Loved Ones Together

We have found that the cremation bench helps with the healing process and brings families and friends together. It is a place to sit and reflect on their life, memories, and share stories. The bench can be placed in an area of significance for your loved one. Whether that be in a backyard, special park, vacation spot, etc.

Order A Cremation Bench

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