Memorable Bench

Have you lost someone near and dear? Are you looking for a special way to pay tribute to their life? Our custom memorable bench is a beautiful way to honor their memory. Each bench is available with fully personalized options including: wording, portraits, artwork, designs, bench style, and color option.

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Hockey Themed Memory Bench

Memorable Bench Created To Beautify Every Outdoor Setting

Memorable benches are wonderful statement pieces to add to a local park, memorial site, backyard, etc. Each bench is specially constructed to withstand all four seasons with ease; preventing the bench from becoming an eyesore.

Bring Family Together

Losing a loved one is never easy and effects everyone differently. The memorable bench provides an opportunity to bring family together to celebrate, mourn, and remember. The bench may be a place to it and recount stories or to simply sit quietly with your thoughts.

Additionally, the bench helps with the healing process long before the final product is installed in its final resting place. Our benches are made to order. This allow your family and friends to work together to come up with designs for the bench back. Was your dad an avid golfer or lover of sports? Perhaps a theme around one of those two areas will bring back wonderful memories of time well spent with him. You can view past memorial bench examples here.

Memorable Bench Production Steps

Interested in how to go about making a memorial bench? Read below for a better understanding of how the bench comes to be.

Bench Ideas For Memorable Bench

Step 1: Email Ideas

First, send us any brainstorms you have for the bench back. This may include examples of our previous work, photos, sketches, and/or detailed description.

 Jim Brandewie Bench Proof

Step 2: Review Mockup

Second, a digital mockup is created for the memorable bench. The proof will be emailed to you for revisions and final approval by you before heading to manufacturing.

Sandblasting Memorial Benches

Step 3: Bench Is Manufactured

Third, the bench is laser cut, bent, welded, and ,lastly, powder coated. This includes a three-step process that protects against rust, weathering, and corrosion.

Long-lasting Memorable Bench

As a Utah based company, we understand the need to have benches that withstand harsh winters and scorching summers. Our powder coating process provides weather proof protection on the metal benches. Powder coat is twice the thickness of paint and creates a tough outer surface that is resistant to chips, scratches, rust, and corrosion.

Worried about sun fade? Don’t be! Powder coat provides brilliant color that will stay vibrant year after year. Looking for a neutral bronze or bright blue? We have a large variety of colors to fit your vision.

Gone, But Never Forgotten.

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