Child Memorial Bench

This child memorial bench stands proudly in Christian’s elementary playground, painted in a serene shade of Copper Canyon. This special bench serves as a lasting tribute to Christian Vega, a cherished student whose presence brought joy to both faculty and peers. Though Christian’s time with us was brief, his warmth and laughter left an indelible mark on our hearts.

To inquire about acquiring or donating a child memorial bench for a beloved friend, family member, or cherished one, please reach out to us at (385) 225-4644.

Final Child Memorial Bench

Step 1: Send Bench Ideas

To start the tribute benches, email your ideas. For Christians’s Bench, his family wanted to include some of his favorite things he loved like sharks, dinosaurs, xbox and books.

Not sure where to start? Click here to view our past memorial benches for inspiration.

Child Memorial Bench Christian
Child Memorial Bench Design

Step 2: Review Bench Mockup

Our skilled designer will transform your ideas into a detailed bench mockup, offering a preview of the childs’s bench final appearance. Once completed, this mockup will be sent directly to your email for your review and approval before proceeding to the laser-cutting stage.

Step 3: Bench Is Manufactured

Finally, the bench undergoes a process including laser cutting, welding, sandblasting, priming, and powder coating. Our powder coating service offers a wide range of vibrant colors to complement any child memorial bench, enhancing its visual appeal. Explore our color options by clicking here.

Manufacturing Of Steel Bench

Durably Designed Child Memorial Benches

Our benches are designed to be long-lasting in all outdoor conditions.

Weatherproof Layer

The metal bench undergoes a three-step process. Firstly, sandblasting effectively eliminates old paint, rust, and any other impurities, while also imparting a textured surface akin to sanding. Following this, an epoxy primer, one-tenth the thickness of powder coat, penetrates deeply into the metal surface, providing exceptional adhesion. Finally, the bench is carefully powder coated using an electrostatic spray gun and cured at 400 degrees. The result is a flawlessly smooth surface that resists chips, scratches, scuffs, and fading from the sun, ensuring durability and longevity.

Bright Color

No matter if you choose the timeless elegance of classic black or the vibrant allure of brilliant blue, rest assured that your memorial bench will maintain its brightness over time. Powder coating ensures long-lasting color that is resistant to sun fading, without leaving any chalky residue behind.

Strong Product

At Smith Steelworks, our memorial benches are made to last. Each bench is cut from durable steel that is bent into shape. This process reduces the need for as many welds; creating fewer points of weakness.

Child Memorial Bench For Christian
Bench For Christian

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