Army Memorial Bench

Have you recently lost a beloved family member who served in the armed forces? Honoring their life and service with a custom-made army memorial bench is a touching way to pay tribute. We meticulously craft our benches to your specifications, offering a wide array of design choices, size options, and powder coat colors. They’re built to stand the test of time, just like the memories of your loved one’s dedicated service. Reach out today to get started!

Army Memorial Bench For David Brown

Army Memorial Bench Process

Interested in the process of making these benches? Read below to learn each step!

Memorial Army Bench Draft


Then, when you’re fully satisfied with the design, we’ll send the draft over to our fabrication team. We laser cut the design, bend the body, and weld on the arms and legs.

Powder Coated Army Memorial Bench

Email Ideas

First, send over any ideas you would like to include in your bench. In this particular bench, they requested a patriotic theme and the medal of honor. Next, our talented team makes a layout of your future bench.

Army Memorial Bench Fabrication

Powder Coat

Once fully constructed, we send it off to be powder coated. They sandblast, prime, and coat the bench in a color of your choice. Click here to learn more about our powder coating process.

Army Memorial Bench Features



With an experienced team, we have the skill required to craft benches that stand the test of time. This involves creating closed welds to provide complete moisture protection, assuring that your bench remains rust-free.

Made With Care

We recognize how hard it can be to lose a loved one. With this in mind, we approach the crafting of your bench with the utmost care and respect. Our benches establish a special place for friends and family to gather and remember.


The powder coating finish we apply forms a robust shield against extreme weather conditions. This ensures the vibrant color remains unfazed by hot summers and icy winters. Its also more resistant to fade and corrosion.

Start by emailing or calling (385) 225-4644 to create an army memorial bench!