Memorial Bench Cost

How much does a Smith Steelworks memorial bench cost? There are many factors to consider including: level of design, bench style, size, and shipping. What do all memorial benches have in common? Each bench is sandblasted, primed, and powder coated for a beautiful, durable finish.

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1. Send Ideas

Want simple wording on the bench? Or maybe add a portrait? Email us the ideas you have for the bench design. Be sure to include the size, bench style, and color you are interested in.

2. Review Proof

Our team takes your ideas and creates a realistic proof. This provides a projection of how the finished bench will look. Once you approve the design it will be sent to be laser cut.

3. Final Product

After laser cutting, the bench is bent into shape. A three-step powder coating process is used to protect the bench from weathering. It is packaged up and shipped to you.

What Goes Into The Memorial Bench Cost?

As with the nature of personalization, each memorial bench costs are different. Much of this has to do with the level of design you are looking for. Below are examples of design options for the memorial bench back. Please call Richard at (385) 225-4644 for a quote.


Names, dates, and quotes can be added to the bench back. A variety of font sizes and styles are available to choose from. Letters are tabbed to make it laser cut compliant. Wording is the least expensive option.

Faces / Portraits

What is more personal than adding your loved one’s face on the memorial bench? This is one of our most requested options. Our team of artists are very talented at capturing their likeness. A proof will be emailed to you for approval to review the design and portrait. This is our most expensive option.


Add a scenic landscape to the memorial bench. Mountains, trees, elk, and other wildlife are all examples of what can be added to the back of the bench. Our team is capable of designing captivating sceneries that will take your breath away.


The memorial bench can be themed around a sport or hobby. Craig Barrett’s bench centers around his love for baseball. It features a baseball with his signature in the middle, a baseball diamond, and the slats are shaped like baseball bats. There is no limit to the design options.


Buildings, skylines, symbols, and other monuments can be part of the memorial bench inspiration. Our Vegas Strong Bench showcases important element of the Vegas Strip including the Stratosphere, Bellagio, Luxor, and Lady Liberty Repica.

Bench Style Plays Into Memorial Bench Cost

Interested in the Classic Bench, Classic Arch Bench, or Metropolitan Bench? The memorial bench cost also depends on the size and style of the bench.

Classic Bench

The Classic Bench is the most cost effective option. It features a flat back and simple parallel slats. As seen above, the slats can be changed into baseball bats or taken out all together.

Classic Arch Bench

Classic Arch Benches, which are priced slightly higher, provide extra room on the back of the bench and are perfect for large design options. The Vegas Bench is a great example.

Metropolitan Bench

Looking for a more contemporary bench style? The Metropolitan Bench is our highest priced bench option for memorials. It is a heavier bench with a separate back and bench bottom.

Powder Coat Color Options

Powder coat is calculated into the memorial bench cost. Our powder coating process gives the bench a durable, smooth finish that is repellent to chips and corrosion. Copper Canyon is one of our most popular neutral color options. Be sure to check out our entire color selection here.

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