Recessive Metal Signs

We offer two sign types: recessive metal signs and stand-off metal signs. Recessive signs use the negative space to depict the design. When a logo, description, or image is cut on one metal sheet, this is considered a recessive sign.

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Recessive Metal Sign Gallery

Powder coated sign with a stainless steel backing plate

Stainless steel sign with black powder coated backing plate

Recessive Metal Sign Types

There a two main recessive sign options: no backing plate or backing plate.


No Backing Plate

The recessive sign is cut from a single sheet of metal. When the sign is hung, the background will show through the negative space of the sign.


Backing Plate

Once the initial sign is laser cut, another metal sheet will be added beneath the sign. This metal backing plate can be powder coated, rusted, blackened, or be made of stainless steel. This gives the sign of pop of color and may make the sign more visible.

Durable Design

The recessive metal signs are created with heavy-duty steel and fully closed welds. This keeps the sign protected, even after years of use.

Installation Options

Need extra holes for mounting? Does the sign require columns on either side? Not a problem! Our team will work with your installation needs.

Enhance The Surroundings

At Smith Steelworks, we strive to create signs that will enhance the look of your business, home, office space, and more.

Indoor & Outdoor Options

Metal signs are perfect for business fronts, office signage, home decor, and everything in-between! When ordering, be sure to specify if this will be an interior or exterior sign. Each option comes with different finishing requirements that will keep the sign free from rust and corrosion.

Weatherproof Finishes

Powder coat, stainless steel, and rustic finishes are all perfect for exterior signs. Powder coat is twice as thick paint. The powder coat is sprayed onto the metal and baked at 400 degrees. This durable topcoat is resistant to chips and scratches, rust and corrosion, and sun fade.

Custom Artwork

Each recessive metal sign we do is made to order. This provides fully custom options including: inscriptions, portraits, logos, and other artwork. A laser cutter is used to cut out the sign and all the design work. It keeps the edges smooth and provides precise cuts.

Recessive Sign
Ordering Process

Start your metal sign order by emailing us your sign idea. This could include a word document, business logo, or an image. Once we have received the design, we get to work creating a sign proof. This will show a realistic representation of how the finished sign will appear. After the sign is approved it will be laser cut, a finish will be applied, and it will be assembled.

Western Timber Frame went with a rustic sign and added a stainless steel backing plate. This provided a nice contrast between modern and classic.