Rustic Finish Signs

The rustic finish is one of our most popular sign options. It gives the metal sign a modern look that is perfect for monument signs, home decor, business fronts, and more. To order the rustic finish signs, call today at (385) 225-4644 or click the link below.

Types Of Rust Signs

Each rustic sign is fully customizable. We are capable of designing a single layer rust sign, or creating a multi-layer sign with different finishes. Here are a few examples:

Rust & Powder Coat

Rust signs look great with a pop of color. This combination is perfect for indoor or outdoor locations.

Rust & Blackened Steel

Rust and blackened steel are two great pairing options. Blackened steel can only be used indoors, making this combo perfect for offices and home signs.

Rust & Stainless Steel

This is our most popular combination. The balance between rust and stainless steel creates a modern look. A stainless steel backing plate can be added beneath the rustic sign. (View the Rushton Meadows Park Sign above as an example). You can also use the stand-off sign option by attaching individual stainless steel letters on top of the rustic metal. (View the Toquerville Sign above as an example). Both options are great.

FAQs For Rustic Signs:

  • Rustic finishes are available for both indoor and outdoor signs.
  • The sign can be cut from a single sheet of metal that is then rusted. Multiple metal layers can also be used for the sign. This allows for more intricate designs. Stainless steel, powder coat, or blackened steel are great contrasts.
  • No two signs will rust exactly the same.

Rustic Finish Process

The design team will start the rusting process on the sign. This is done by using applying a special solution to the sign. The solution will sprayed several times until the on the sign. The formula will be sprayed several times to create the optimal rust finish.

For indoor signs, this is the end of the rusting process. A clear coat will be applied to the metal sign for a smooth finish. However, exterior signs are designed to continually rust overtime.