Stand-Off Metal Signs

We offer two sign types: recessive metal signs and stand-off metal signs. Recessive signs use the negative space to depict the design. When a logo, description, or image is cut on one metal sheet, this is considered a recessive sign.

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Rustic Sign With Stainless Steel Lettering

Stand-Off Metal Sign Gallery

Rustic metal sign with stainless steel lettering adhered to the metal

This sign combines both stand-off and recessive elements

Stand-Off Metal Sign Types

No two metal signs are alike. Your custom sign can be a simple stand-off sign or combine stand-off and recessive elements.


Completely Stand-Off

The Toquerville Sign above could be classified as completely stand-off. Rustic metal makes up the body of the sign and stainless steel letters were adhered onto it.


Stand-Off and Recessive Combination

For a majority of our signs, we do a combination of stand-off and recessive styles in the design. The Riley Blake Sign (on the left) has a bird and the word “designs” laser cut directly into it. The words “Riley Blake” were laser cut individually and powder coated black. They were then added to the sign one by one.

Sturdy Design

The stand-off metal signs are created with durable steel and fully closed welds. Strong adhesive is used to adhere the lettering to the sign.

Installation Choices

Want a wire attached for hanging or need two extra set of holes? Not a problem! We work with your space and needs for installing.

Upgrade Any Location

Our laser cut metal signs are designed to enhance the look of any area. This includes: park entrances, business fronts, and home decor.

Interior & Exterior Options

Our metal stand-off signs are designed for interior and exterior spaces. We work with heavy duty finishes and strong steel that will last for years to come. Blackened steel is our only finishing option that is available for interior installations.

Waterproof Coating

Weatherproof coating is added to the finished sign. Stainless steel, powder coat, and rustic metal are the three finishing options. Powder coat gives the sign a smooth finish that is resistant to chips, scratches, scuffs, and sun fade.

Personalized Options

Every stand-off sign is made to order. This allows for fully custom finishes, dimensions, and design options. Our team of artisans are capable of adding a logo, portraits, intricate fonts, etc. into the look of the metal sign.

Stand-Off Sign
Ordering Process

To get started on your stand-off metal sign, email or call (385) 225-4644. You will work with our design team on the look of the sign. Once we have an initial concept, it will be emailed to you for final approval. We never start the manufacturing process until we have the green light.

The metal sign is laser cut, a finish is added, and any stand-off lettering or designs are added to the sign surface. After the sign is finished, it is packaged up and mailed directly to you.