Trail Signs

Create custom trail signs for parks, campgrounds, hiking paths, and other recreational areas. Signs will help keep the trail area safe for all users to enjoy. Choose from a variety of metal and finishing options. At Smith Steelworks, we create low-maintenance signs that will stay looking new for years to come.

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Modern Rustic Trailhead Signs

Trail Signs Process

Step 1:

Send Design Concept

To get started on the trail signs, first email our team your design ideas. This can be a PDF, AI file, logo, or a simple paragraph.

Step 2:

Trail Sign Proof

Our team reviews your sign ideas and comes up with a proof. This provides a real life idea of how the metal sign will look.

Step 3:

Finish Metal Signs

Rustic metal with stainless steel lettering was used for the Spanish Fork River Trail Signs. It will be both visually pleasing and informative.

Payson Utah Trailhead Signage

Trail Signs Features:


Make The Path Stand Out

Easy to spot and read. Two of the most important components of the trail signs. Our design team works hard to create metal signs that stand out, while complimenting the surrounding area.

Incorporate City or Business Logo

City and business logos help with brand identity. Each sign is laser cut, allowing for precise cuts. As a result, our artists are capable of working with all types of detailed logos. You can view more examples here.


Custom Sign Sizes

All metal signs are made to order. When placing the sign request, be sure to include the dimension needs for the trailhead signs.


Long-lasting Trail Sign

At Smith Steelworks, our signs are designed to be low maintenance, weatherproof, and long lasting. All welds are fully welded and durable finishes are used.

Finishing Options For Trail Signs

Three finishing options are available for the trailhead signs.

  • Powder Coat: Tough, eco-friendly powder coat is a wonderful option for the outdoor signs. The tough surface is resistant to scratches and chips, which keeps the metal safe from moisture. Choose from our color options here.
  • Stainless Steel: Stainless steel makes the perfect backing plate or lettering option for the signs. The natural repellent nature of the stainless steel keeps it free from rust and corrosion.
  • Rust: Rustic metal finishes are a perfect combination of modern and classic. Likely the most maintenance-free option, the sign will continue to gracefully oxidize overtime.
Durable Steel Mile Marker Signs
Mile Marker Rustic Finish
KSC Stainless Steel Business Signage
Rustic Signage For Business Fronts

Trail Sign Examples:

Easily Visible Signs

Make the path easy to find with a laser cut sign. Provide information about the surrounding vegetation or share historical significance of the spot.

City Logo Sign

Where is your trail located? Including the city logo is a simple way to remind users who they can thank for the nice recreational areas.

Community Trail Signs

Implement a healthy lifestyle in your community with trail signs. The metal signs are designed to last for years with no maintenance required.

Provide Information

Keep hikers, bikers, ATV riders, etc. posted with mile markers. This helps keep everyone safe and informed on the trail.

Modern Sign Design

Your trail signs don’t have to look average. Our design team loves pairing different metal finishes together for a modern touch.

Mark The Trail

Help find local trails with ease by including a trailhead sign. Smith Steelworks offers different sizes and installation options.

Map It Out

Maps and directions can be laser cut directly into the trailhead sign.

Bring Your Sign Ideas To Life

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