In Memory Of Kristy Rodriguez

Bus Stop Memorial Bench

A special bus stop memorial bench was recently installed in San Angelo, TX. It was placed on the curb of North Chadbourne and 18th St in memory of Kristine Rodriguez.

Bus Stop Memorial Benches For Family Members

Bus Stop Memorial Bench Designed For Kristine

Sharon Troy, Kristine’s mom, wanted to honor her daughter in a special and unique way. Ultimately, she landed on the idea of a personalized memorial bench. Sharon was able to get from Texas Bank to place the bench on their property; just feet away from her daughter’s fatal crash.

Next, Sharon searched the internet to find a company that would help her bring her design to life. She reached out to us and we were able to help bring her vision to life. Thank you for trusting us us with this special memorial bench.

Bus Stop Memorial Bench Features:

At Smith Steelworks, we strive for the bench to be allow as much personalization as possible. Here are a few of the major bus stop memorial bench features on Kristine’s bench.

Portrait With Christ

The bench features a beautiful portrait with Christ’s arms around Kristine. It also showcases her full name and birth and death date.

Beautiful Messages

Add a special tribute or message to the back of the bench memorial.

Unveiling Kristy’s Bus Stop Memorial Bench

Kristy’s memorial bench was unveiled and dedicated surrounded by loving friends and family. News outlets were there to watch the unveiling and hear stories from her loved ones. Memories were shared, tears were shed, and smiles were found. You can read more about Kristy’s bench here.