Laser Cut City Signs

A city sign is the first thing visitors will notice about your community. At Smith Steelworks, we design custom laser cut city signs that will add beauty to your city. Each metal sign is fully customizable from the color, design, to how it is installed. Our designer will work directly with you to make sure that it is what you have envisioned for your city.

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City Hall Sign Manufacturers

Laser Cut City Signs Process

Alpine City Logo

Step 1:

Send Your Logo

To get started on your sign design, send us your city logo, sceneries, or other imagery that you would like featured on your sign. Our designers will then take your ideas to create a realistic mockup.

Alpine City Hall Sign

Step 2:

Mockup Approval

The city sign mockup will be emailed to you. This will be your chance to work with the designer on any changes that you would like made to the sign before it goes the laser cutting stage.

Alpine City Logo Signs

Step 3:

Finished City Sign

After the city steel sign has been laser cut. It is either powder coated or rusted, depending on what fits your city’s style. The sign is then packaged up and mailed to your community.

Alpine City Hall Signage

City Signs Features:


Weatherproof Finishing

For a durable, long-lasting product, we use high-quality finishes that will last through years and years of harsh outdoor conditions. We provide powder coating (or rustic) finishes that are twice as thick as normal paint, and resistant to scratches, chips, and flakes.


Multiple Layering Options

Our designers are capable of creating city signs as simple or intricate as you would like. Adding a few different metal layers on a sign is the perfect way to add depth to the city sign, will helping the words stand-out from the surroundings.


Installing The Laser Cut City Sign

When ordering, be sure to include the sign dimensions, as well as how you plan on installing the finished sign. This helps our design team create the best, most durable sign for your community.

City Sign Examples:

First Impression

A city sign is one of the first things visitors will notice about your community so make it a showstopper.

City Sign Sizes

Don’t want to blink and you’ll miss it? Design a sign that is sure to standout. We work with custom dimensions.

City Logo

Adding a logo is one way to incorporate your city brand into the sign. Send us the logo and we will do the rest.

Stand-Off Letters

Stand-off letters can be added to a rustic sign. These letters can be powder coated or made from stainless steel.

Rustic Metal Signs

The rustic metal finish adds a modern, beautiful touch to every sign and will continue to weather beautifully.

Beautify Your City

At Smith Steelworks, we hope to design signs that add beauty to your community.

Bring Your Sign Ideas To Life

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