Sympathy Memorial Bench

Start a sympathy memorial bench to honor a community member or loved one that has passed. These benches are wonderful options for backyards, parks, campuses, and other public spaces. At Smith Steelworks, we offer full customization on the bench back, along with powder coated finishes and bench styles.

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Custom Sympathy Memorial Benches

Designing The Sympathy Memorial Bench

Script Options On Sympathy Bench Back

Send Bench Ideas

First, start a metal memorial bench by emailing your ideas for the bench back. This may include an inscription, as seen above, pictures, clipart, powder coat colors, or examples from our previous memorial benches page.

Sympathy Bench Draft Proof

Bench Proof

Next, our artists take the ideas and turn them into a bench proof. You will have a chance to review the design and have any changes made. Furthermore, the bench will not be constructed until you give us the green light on the design.

Finished Homage Memorial Bench

Manufactured Bench

Last, the bench is sent to manufacturing. This includes laser cutting, which cuts the bench from a single sheet of metal. The bench is powder coated to protect against outdoor weathering. It is then shipped to you.

Sympathy Memorial Bench Process

Why purchase a sympathy memorial bench? Memory benches have been shown to help with the healing process. Benches provide a place to mourn, share memories, and reflect.

Detailed Sympathy Memorial Bench

Black Powder Coated Memory Sympathy Benches

Laser Cutting Technology

Benches are cut from a fiber optic laser. The laser creates small, precise cuts with smooth sides. As a result, this allows for different fonts, portraits, and additional artwork.

Powder Coat Finishes

Why powder coat and not paint? Powder coat is twice as thick as most paints and provides a durable finish on the bench. Further, powder coating is resistant to chips, scratches, rust, and sun fade. As a bonus the polyester powder is available in a large selection of powder coating colors.

Bench Styles

Commemorative benches are available in three bench styles: Classic, Classic Arch, and Metropolitan. Be sure to let us know which style you like when ordering.

Sympathy Memorial Bench

Call Russel Smith at (801) 414-1724 to get started on a memorial bench. Prices vary on design, bench type, and shipping.