In Loving Memory Benches

Smith Steelworks manufactures “In Loving Memory” Benches.  These all-steel benches can be personalized with images of your loved ones, logos, colors, personal quotes and messages, and your choice of bench style.  Powder coat is applied to the bench to protect the metal from rust, chips, and scratches. You can view all the color options here.

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In Loving Memory Metal Benches

Personalizing Your Memorial Bench

Preserve Their Likeness

An excellent way to personalize a memorial bench is by including and image or likeness of a love one on the bench. Favorite photos or images can be used to laser cut an image into the all steel bench.

Add A Quote

Another way to personalize a memorial bench is by including images or logos of favorite hobbies or sports teams.  We can even include quotes, favorite phrases or a loving message.  The thought is up to you.

Choose Bench Style

Above is a Classic Bench with two types of text. The loved one’s image is in one corner and the firefighters logo on the other. Our customers selected steel gray powder coating color which has a smooth, silky finish.

Manufacturing A Durable Memorial Bench

Step 1:

Our all-steel memorial benches are durable and long lasting. After completing the laser cut process, Smith Steelworks cleans the steel of all impurities by sandblasting.

Step 2:

After sandblasting, each bench goes through a powder coating primer. The primer is sprayed on, heated at 400 degrees which then adheres to the steel and creates a protective shell.

Step 3:

After priming, each bench is then covered by the powder coating color of your choice. The powder coat bonds to the primer, thickening the protective shell making it fade, rust, and scratch resistant.

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