Golf Themed Memorial Bench

Did your friend or family member have a special love for golf? Why not create a golf themed memorial bench! At Smith Steelworks, we specialize in personalized memory benches that are designed to commemorate your loved one. Choose powder coat finishes, laser cut designs, bench type, and more. You can view past memorial bench projects here.

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Golf Themed Memory Bench

Golf Themed Memorial Bench Design Process

Ready to order a memorial bench and don’t know where to start? Read below to learn about the golf themed memorial bench process.

Ideas For The Metropolitan Bench Backing

1. Send Bench Ideas

First, email your ideas for the bench back. This may include photos, inscriptions, names, sceneries, clipart, previous benches, etc. Don’t know what you’re looking for? No worries! Our design team will help.

Patricia Swanson Bench Draft

2. Review Mockup

Second, our team will take your design ideas and turn them into a bench mockup. This provides a realistic look at the finished bench. You will be able to review the design before it is sent to be laser cut and welded.

Patricia Swanson Bench Draft

3. Finished Bench

Third, the golf themed bench is cut from a single sheet of metal and bent into place. Arm rests and legs are welded to the bench body. Powder coat is applied and the finished bench is shipped to you.

Benefits Of The Golf Themed Memorial Bench

Memorial benches are more than just a beautiful piece of furniture. In addition, benches help in the healing process and provide a space to honor their memory.

Place Benches In Beautiful Spaces

Install the memorial bench on a golf course or other outdoor space. We recommend putting the bench in a spot that was meaningful for your loved one or sparks peace. Our memorial benches have been placed in local parks, hiking trails, school campuses, and outdoor business fronts.

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Each Bench Tells A Story

Memorial benches will impact those who knew your loved one, as well as those passing by. Sit, honor, and remember their life and memory. Adding portraits, animals, special sayings, and names are personalized ways to bring meaning to the bench. Our artists work with photographs to capture their essence.

Brighten The Surrounding Area

Blue, red, bronze, and green are just a few powder coating color examples to choose from. Polyester powder coating is durable and resistant to chips, scratches, scuffs, and sun fade. Furthermore, as a Utah based company we are used to all four seasons. The benches are designed to last through rain, snow, hail, and bright sunny days. Learn more about powder coating benefits here.

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