Custom Outdoor Memorial Bench

Has your family lost a loved one? A custom outdoor memorial bench is a special way to honor their life and memories. Each bench is available with personalized options including: designs, powder coat colors, bench styles, and sizes. The memorial bench can be placed in gardens, parks, business fronts, and other open areas.

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Custom Outdoor Memorial Bench Inspiration

Decide On A Focal Point

What’s the best part of our outdoor memorial benches? The amount of personal touches we can add. For this bench, we centered the bench around a photograph of the loved one skateboarding.

Create A Mockup

Next, the photograph is turned into a laser cut compatible file. It will be emailed to you for approval before we start the manufacturing process. This will also give you a chance to review spelling and dates.

Bench Production

Last, the bench goes through manufacturing and is shipped to you. Our manufacturing process focuses on the durability and longevity of the bench. Scroll below to learn more.

Creating The Custom Outdoor Memorial Bench

Laser Cut and Bent

Outdoor benches are cut from a single sheet of durable metal. Laser cutting creates small, precise cuts that allow for detailed artwork. Next, the bench is bent into shape. This allows for fewer welds to be needed.

Assemble and Weld

Armrests and legs are welded to the bench body. Each weld is fully closed to prevent moisture buildup. Welds are also grounded down to keep the surface smooth. Stainless steel footpads are welded to the bench legs. This is important because stainless steel is naturally rust repellent and will protect the bench from corrosion.


Sandblasting is step one in the powder coating process. The abrasive blaster removes old paint, rust, oil, and other impurities. Similar to sandpaper, sandblasting also creates a profiled surface that allows the primer to adhere to the metal.


Primer is next applied to the outdoor memorial bench. Epoxy primer is 1/10th the molecule size of powder coat. This allows the primer to melt deep into the metal bench. Without primer, the bench will not hold up in outdoor conditions.

Powder Coat

Finally, the memorial bench is powder coated with an electrostatic spray gun. It is placed in a special powder coating oven and then taken out to cool. The finish is twice the thickness of normal paint and resistant to chips, scratches, scuffs, and sun fade. You can view our color options here.

Order A Custom Outdoor Memorial Bench

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