Utah County Pavilion Manufacturers

Are you looking for Utah County pavilion manufacturers that are trusted, quick, and detail oriented? At Smith Steelworks, we now design and manufacture pavilions for churches, parks, campsites, and residential spaces. If you are are ready to add a pavilion to your up and coming park or want a poolside pavilion, Smith Steelworks has you covered! We are located in Spanish Fork, UT. Visit or call (801) 414-1724 today!

Custom Pavilion Design Structure

Dimensions, sizes, roof style and type, etc. are all part of the design process at Smith Steelworks. Our engineers will measure your location to make sure that the pavilion is the best fit for your area. Each pavilion is also made to order. This allows for full customization to enhance the look of your property.


Snow Load SPFS

Our pavilions are specially designed to combat harsh weather conditions and heavy snow loads.


Wind Resistant

Specially engineered to withstand high miles per hour wind storms. Each pavilion will have it’s own exact specification.

Pavilion Manufacturer Safety Features

Optimal safety is a priority with each pavilion build. The high beams are strategically placed to be difficult to reach. For aesthetic reasons, this keeps the pavilion structure open and airy. It also prevents climbing and roughhousing along the beams. All bolts used are covered and are never low hanging.

Our pavilions are also manufactured to enhance the natural beauty of the surrounding areas. Call (801) 414-1724 to work with us, your Utah County Pavilion manufacturers!

Types Of Pavilions We Manufacture

At Smith Steelworks, we create pavilions for a wide range of customers and locations.

Campsite Pavilions

Campsite pavilions are designed to withstand the elements of being installed in the mountains. The roof is fully enclosed to protect against birds and bees nesting. We also manufacture trash receptacles and picnic tables for full site buildout.

Park Pavilions

Encourage your city’s residents to use your park by adding a pavilion. Our pavilions are crafted to add beauty to the environment. The outdoor shelter acts as a gathering place that helps people get outside and spend time in nature.

Backyard Pavilions

We are Utah County pavilion manufacturers for residential properties as well! The backyard pavilion will add value to your property and provide a place to enjoy the fresh air. These pavilions are perfect over saunas, outdoor kitchens, and near pools.