Sports Park Pavilion

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Pickleball Sports Park Pavilion

Sports Park Pavilion Manufacturer

At Smith Steelworks, we specialize in crafting park pavilions tailored to churches, city parks, and campsites across the United States. As the manufacturer, we supply comprehensive pavilion kits comprising electrical components, roofing materials, anchor bolts, and beyond. Additionally, our packages include stamped engineered drawings to ensure structural integrity. Moreover, we offer customizable options, allowing our clients to tailor their pavilions to specific needs and preferences. Consequently, our pavilions stand out as durable, functional, and visually appealing structures suitable for various outdoor settings.

Weatherproof Design

Our pavilions are made to withstand snow load and wind gusts. And to safeguard against rust and corrosion, all metal columns undergo a protective powder coating process.

Pavilion Safety Features

The pavilion features elevated beams and eliminates low-hanging bolts, ensuring the safety of the park pavilion by discouraging climbing and rough play.

Types of Park Pavilions

We offer a variety of pavilion options to fit your park’s needs. The GluLam Beam Pavilion is our most popular option.

Glulam Pavilion's From Smith Steelworks

GluLam Pavilions

The GluLam Pavilion features a wooden deck and choice between shingles or metal roof. Our most common size for parks and churches is 30′ x 60′.

Steel Pavilions made by Smith Steelworks

Steel Pavilions

The Steel Pavilions are available with custom colors for: beams, purlins, columns, and roof top options. 20′ x 20′ and 30′ x 36′ are our most popular size options.

Pergola's For Smith Steelworks


Enhance the look of your garden or walkway with a cross beam and open lattice pergola. The full metal shelter is available in a variety of color options.

Add Sport Park Pavilion Furniture

Park Bench

Choose from a diverse range of designs, sizes, and colors for our park benches, perfect for enhancing any landscape. Personalize your bench with a custom laser-cut logo directly onto the metal back. With a durable powder coat finish, our benches are protected from rust and corrosion.

Sports Park Pavilion Bench

Trash Receptacles

Maintain your park’s cleanliness effortlessly with our trash receptacles. Specifically designed for easy bag removal and quick cleaning, they come in two sizes. Additionally, these receptacles are the ideal addition beneath your park pavilion.

Trash Receptacle For Sports Park Pavilion

Picnic Tables

Every pavilion deserves picnic tables, and ours come in two sizes: six and eight feet, with ADA Compliant options available. Furthermore, to ensure safety, we use angled legs to prevent tipping.

Picnic Tables For Sports Park Pavilion