Pavilion Manufacturers

Looking for the perfect pavilion to match your vision? Here at Smith Steelworks, we are one of the premium pavilion manufacturers in the United Sates. We supply everything from the anchor bolts, roofing and electrical, to the stamped engineering drawings.

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Pavilion Manufacturers Style Options

Our pavilion kits are available in the GluLam Beam or Steel Pavilion Kit style. Clearly each kit is carefully prepared, and manufactured to withstand heavy snow loads, wind speeds, harsh terrains, and more. Our pavilions are strong, sturdy, and resistant to weather, rust, and corrosive damage. Whether your pavilion project is big or small, our team is equipped to help!

Pavilion Roof Options

Our pavilions are available with three roof types to accommodate your style preference. Furthermore, we offer a shingle or steel roof option. You can view our color options here and here.


Clerestory Roofs are designed with one top of the ridges higher than the other. Thus this asymmetrical design creates a modern look to your park or backyard.


A Gable Roof consists of two roof sections sloping in opposite directions and placed such that the highest, horizontal edges meet to form the roof ridge.


A hip roof, is a type of roof where all sides slope downwards to the walls. Thus a hipped roof house has no gables or other vertical sides to the roof.

Work Directly With Pavilion Manufacturers

First and foremost, Smith Steelworks is not a third party retailer. As the customer you will work directly with us. We believe in open communication and transparency. We design, create, and ship your pavilion to you, which helps cut out all extra costs that would have incurred with a third party company. As pavilion manufacturers that are proudly based in the U.S.A., we consider the surrounding environment and try to enhance its beauty, not take it away. Another aspect that we scrutinize is the weather that will occur, such as snowfall, wind speeds, and rainfall of your selected area. Our pavilions are strong, durable, and resistant to weather, rust, and corrosive damage. Moreover, as manufacturers we also can supply you with non-tipping picnic tables, trash receptacles, and grills to help equip your pavilion. To learn more about our picnic tables click here.

Call today at (801) 414-1724 to get started on your pavilion.

Pavilion Example

For instance, this pavilion has a Gable Roof. However, the deck beneath the roof is in the GluLam style.  Notice the arches supporting the roof. Our customer choose the GluLam style rather than metal beams to brace the roof.  Whether you choose one of our kits or customize your order we can provide everything needed for the pavilion buildout.