Pavilion Kit 2 Option C

Pavilion Kit 2 Option C is a 30′ by 60′ gable pavilion. There are eight steel tube columns, wood sheathing, and tongue-and-groove deck. Mega rib 26 gauge metal roof and LED lighting kits are included. Each pavilion kit comes with state sealed drawings and structural calculations. This pavilion is designed for a 70 psf ground snow/55 psf roof snow load.

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Pavilion KIt 2 Option C Gable Style

Kit Specifications:

Below provides a detailed component list for Pavilion Kit 2 Option C.

Kit Components

Product Description QTY
Steel Columns 7x7x1/2″ Square Posts with 12″x12″ Base Plate welded to the bottom and a Bolt Plate welded to the top for attaching the steel beams. All steel will be finished to the following specification: Sandblast to SSPC 5/NACE “WHITE FINISH”, Epoxy Prime and Powder Coat in a Super Durable TGIC Polyester Top Coat. 8
3/4″ x 24″ Galvanized Steel Embed 3/4″x24″ Bent Anchor Bolt – Bolt and 2 Nuts for Mounting the Steel Posts to the Concrete. If not required, deduct $685 from cost of pavilion. 32
Steel Beams 16′ Beams Made From 12x6x1/4″ Steel Tubing. Bolt Together Design. 8
Steel Purlins 8x3x3/16×20′ 20
Roofing T&G 2″x8″ x 16′ 190
T&G Self Tappers (Box) 3-1/4″ x .131 Self-Tapping Screws for drilling into Steel Purlins. 1
Wet Stamped Drawings State-sealed, site-adapted drawings and structural calculations. 1
Wet Stamp State-Sealed Engineered Plans and Calculations. 1

LED Lighting Kit Components

If Not Required, Deduct From Cost Of Pavilion.

3161148 Rectangular Box 4-1/2” Holes Grey. 5
2476220 Metal In Use Multi Mac Cover. 5
3273764 Slim 20A 125V Slim TR GFCI. 4
593625 4-Hour cycle, no-hold, automatic shut-off, Intermatic #FF34F or equal by Paragon or Tork. 4
989831 Sylvania 32W 48” Lights. 32
335141 Steel Straps. 15
1310554 Compression Connectors. 12
1310669 Couplings. 12
167236 Conduit 1/2” QTY in Feet. 150
109450 Conduit Elbow 1/2”. 1
156009 12 GA Black Wire Qty in Feet. 500
156029 12 GA White Wire Qty in Feet. 500
156064 12 GA Green Wire Qty in Feet. 500

Metal Roofing Kit Components

Product Description QTY
Mega Rib Roofing Mega Rib 7.2 Panel SP Group 26 ga x 38-7/8″ Cut to Length. QTY is in Linear Foot. Kynar 500 Coated. 640
Mega Rake Trim 26 GA x 10’3″ Kynar 500 Coated. 7
Mega Simple Eave Trim 26 GA x 10’3″ Kynar 500 Coated. 30
Ridge Cap IT Ridge Cap 26 GA x 10’3″ Kynar 500 Coated. 7
Closure Mega Rib x36″ (Blank) Seals ends of Mega Rib to keep bugs out. 147
Roll Tape 3×32″ x 1″ x 45′ Gray Tape to Seals Metal Roof Panel Joints. 39
Sikalastomer 511 Butyl Tube Sealant Glue for sealing the Closure Mega Rib. 5
1/4-14×7/8″ Lap Self Driller Self-Tapping Screws pre-coated to match Mega Rib color for going into steel. 600
#10-15 x 1-1/2″ Woodgrip Hilo Screws for Mega Rib going into wood. 1200
1/4-14 x 7/8″ Lap Self Driller Self-Tapping Screws pre-coated to match Mega Rib color for going into steel. 400
43D POP Rivet STST Pop Rivets for Mega Rib. 500
Underlayment Feltbuster Synthetic 1000SQFT. 2


We answered a few of our most commonly asked questions regarding the pavilion kit orders. Please call Russel at (801) 414-1724 to learn more.

When can I expect the pavilion to be ready to ship?

Anticipate an eight to ten week wait once the order has been received.

What finishes are used on the metal and wood?

The eight steel columns are brought through a three-step finishing process. This includes sandblast, prime, and powder coat. The powder coat finish will give the steel column 30+ year life. Semi-transparent finish is applied to the tongue-and-groove.

Is freight included in the pavilion cost?

No, the freight cost is not included in the pavilion price. Please request a freight quote when ordering.

What are the main responsibilities of the GC?

The GC for the pavilion will be over delivery date scheduling, unloading the pavilion materials, and noting any possible damage before signing the bill of lading.

Pavilion Color Options:

Below are the color options for the Pavilion Kit 2 Option C.

Metal Roof Colors 26 Gauge

Beam, Purlin, & Column Colors

Tongue-and-Groove Colors

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