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At Smith Steelworks, we are the top park picnic table manufacturers in the United States and surrounding countries. The picnic tables are designed to enhance the natural beauty of your city park while providing safety features for the community. If you are looking for durable picnic tables for public, state, or national parks, Smith Steelworks has the tables for you.

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Picnic Table Features

ADA Compliant

To further serve the community, our 8’ picnic tables are available with an ADA Compliant option, for no additional cost. This provides additional room on one or both sides of the metal picnic table to accommodate wheelchair access. Our team follows the requirements set by the National Center on Accessibility.

Color Options

Each picnic table is available with the choice of an anodized / galvanized finish or a powder coated finish. We offer a variety of powder coating colors including: table green and copper canyon. The powder coating provides a durable layer that is resistant to rust and corrosion. You can view all our picnic table color options here.

Rust Resistant

Our park picnic tables are designed to last. We use stainless steel footpads on the table legs to protect against erosion. Even if a picnic table is dragged down a rocky path and causes scratches on the footpads, it will not rust. This makes the aluminum tables a cost effective addition to your community, and last for years to come.

Perfect Picnic Table For Families

The picnic tables are designed to not only be ascetically pleasing, but also were designed to prevent tipping. One of the biggest concerns with picnic tables is the tendency for them to tip with unequal distribution of weight. Our tables are manufactured with angled, tubular legs. This keeps the picnic table firmly planted on the ground. Bring your friends, bring your families, and enjoy a snack on the aluminum picnic table.

At Smith Steelworks, we are happy to provide safe, beautiful picnic tables to enrich your community.

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