Park Benches

Smith Steelworks manufactures park benches for locations across the United States. Each bench is designed to add an ascetically pleasing element to your city park. We offer a three unique bench styles including: Classic, Classic Arch, and Metropolitan. Call today at (385) 225-4644 to get started on your city park benches!

Park Bench Features:

Rustproof Finish

Park benches are sandblasted, primed, and powder coated. Powder coat provides a durable finish that is resistant to scratches and chips. This keeps the bare metal safe from outdoor exposure that would cause rust to form.

Prevents Sun Fade

Harsh sun rays and prolonged snow exposure can cause most paints to to lose their vibrant color. Our special powder coat keeps the color looking new for years to come.

Fewer Welds

The park benches are cut from a single sheet of metal that is then bent into place. This reduces the need for as many welds, resulting in fewer points of weakness.

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Custom Colorado Park Benches

Integrate Your City Logo

Brand recognition is very important to our park bench designs. Our team is capable of turning your business or city logo into a laser cut design. The logo will be cut directly into the back of the metal bench. We can work with any type of logo, simple or complex.