Laser Cut Park Signs

At Smith Steelworks, we design custom laser cut park signs for cities across the United States. Each park sign is available with weatherproof finishes, custom design options, and a wide variety of installation options.

If your community park is in need of a new, updated metal sign, give us a call today at (385) 225-4644. We are excited to work with you!

West Valley City Park Sign

Laser Cut Park Sign Process

Step 1:

Send Us Your Design Ideas

Before we get started with your metal park sign, be sure to send us your ideas. By sending us Word Documents, logos, and photos, our designers are able to bring your ideas to life in a creative way.

Step 2:

We Will Send You A Proof

Our design team will take your ideas and create a mockup. This will incorporate how the finished park sign will look. It will be emailed to you for final approval before the sign is sent to be laser cut.

Step 3:

Finished Laser Cut Sign

The park sign is laser cut from a single sheet of metal. Depending on the style, a backing plate might be added. A finish is then applied to the park sign. The sign is then packaged up and shipped to you.

Laser Cut Park Sign Features:


Weatherproof Finishes

Each park sign is available with a powder coating finish (or a rustic) that prevents the sign from weathering. Powder coat is twice as thick as the average paint color and more durable. The coating protects the bare metal from rust and corrosion, chips and flakes, and sun fading.


Intricate Layers

Our designers create custom park signs for each city with custom layering options. This includes separate powder coated metal sheets that can be layered together for added dimension. We also offer recessive or off-stand options.


Sign Installation Options

Are you in need of custom installation options for your park sign? At Smith Steelworks, we offer a variety of park installation options. For example, we have casted signs in cement, welded onto steel columns, custom gabion baskets, etc. Call us today at (385) 225-4644 to get started on your laser cut park signs.

Metal Sign Examples:

West View Park

The metal park signs are designed to compliment the surrounding areas with custom color options and designs.

Rustic Finishes

Rustic park signs have become one of our most requested finishes. It adds a unique touch to the community.

Bold Color

Want to make your laser cut sign stand out? Add a bold, vibrant powder coating color like Hammertone Red.

Installation Options

Our design team is capable of creating personalized signs that will work with your community’s installation needs.

Surrounding Inspiration

Some of our best designs come from the surrounding areas including local mountains, lakes, and landforms.

Vibrant Powder Coating

Bangel Blue is a vibrant powder coat that provides an excellent finish for the city park sign. It also prevents rust.

Gabion Baskets

We don’t just manufacture the park signs. We are also capable of creating gabion baskets and other custom products.

Promote The Community

Local parks attract people to different housing communities.

Recessive Sign Options

Laser cut stainless steel signage with a powder coated backing plate is a popular recessive park sign option.

Neighborhood Park Signs

Freshen up your neighborhood park with a new park sign. The powder coat finish keeps the metal clear of rust, corrosion, chips, and scratches.

Logo Integration

Incorporate your city logo into the custom laser cut park sign; adding a sense of home, community, and togetherness.

Replace Existing Sign

Our team can work with your previous sign’s measurements to easily replace the sign with the existing installation structure.

Make A Statement

Our durable metal park signs are created to make a statement. Choose between powder coat, rustic finish, or stainless steel.

Bring Your Sign Ideas To Life

With Smith Steelworks