Hawaii Site Furniture Installations

At Smith Steelworks, we ship our products across the lower 48 states, as well as to Alaska and Hawaii. The Hawaii site furniture installations are beautiful additions to residential backyards, parks, and more.

Shipping to Hawaii will include additional shipping rates.

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Hawaii is known for its sprawling beaches, vast hiking trails, majestic waterfalls, and active volcanoes. Moderate humidity, winds, daily rain showers, and occasional storms characterize most days.

Considering the astonishing surroundings, our site furniture, signs, and pavilions are crafted to endure any weather conditions, including the tropical climate of Hawaii.

Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

Areas For Hawaii Site Furniture Installations:


Honor a loved one that’s passed or celebrate an anniversary with a custom bench.


No parks are complete without our durable, non-tipping aluminum picnic tables. The tables are available with ADA options for easy accessibility to all.


Gather the community together under a church pavilion to share food, good conversation, and traditions, in true aloha spirit.

Memorial Bench Hawaii Site Furniture Installations

What Makes Hawaii Site Furniture Installations So Great?

Durable Design

Hawaii site furniture installations are designed not only to survive but also to thrive. This achievement is accomplished through several factors, including fully closed welds, durable powder coat, stainless steel foot pads, and years of testing and refinement.

Color Options

Powder coat is available in a large array of colors to compliment the vibrant, exotic island shades.

Laser Cut Drawings

The uniqueness of Smith Steelworks site furnishings stems from our extensive range of fully custom design options. Logos, sceneries, inscriptions, and portraits are laser cut directly into the metal. The laser cutter allows for precise cuts and intricate design work.

Weatherproof Finish

All products are sandblasted, primed, and powder coated. This protects the bare steel from rust, corrosion, chips, scratches, sun fade, and chalking.

Functional & Beautiful

We aspire to create site furniture that enhances the natural beauty of its surroundings while serving the needs of the area.

Smith Steelworks is the number one place to order site furniture for the state of Hawaii.

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