Florida Site Furniture Installations

We take great pride in offering exceptional and long-lasting Florida site furniture installations, including picnic tables, memorial benches, trash receptacles, and pavilions.

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Welcome to the sunshine state! Home of glistening beaches, pristine blue water, citrus fruits, palm trees, alligators, and a great culinary scene!

In such a vibrant and diverse state, it’s essential that our site furnishings matches the allure. At Smith Steelworks, we pride ourselves on fabricating designs with exceptional durability to complement the surroundings.

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Areas For Florida Site Furniture Installations:


Picnic tables and trash receptacles are a must-have for outdoor restaurant seating areas. Be sure to include your business logo for brand recognition!

School Campuses

Memorial benches and buddy benches are special additions for school campuses to remember those that are gone too soon.

Memorial Park

Beautiful bench options personalized with your choice of dedicatory scripts, portraits, and custom artwork.

Steel Powder Coated Apartment Benches

What Makes Florida Site Furniture Installations So Great?

Durable Products

The furnishings are fully welded and powder coated to withstand Florida’s humid, subtropical climate.

Color Options

Florida is bright and beautiful! Why not go bold with your site furniture as well by selection from our vast array of striking powder coat color options.

Laser Cut Designs

A laser cutter is used for each of the metal products. The laser allows for fully custom design options including: dedicatory scripts, business and city logos, sceneries, etc.

Weatherproof Finish

Our Florida site furniture installations are sandblasted, primed, and powder coated. Powder coating, known for its is twice as thick as paint and is resistant to chips and scratches; protecting the metal from rust and scratches.

Smith Steelworks Promise

Our site furniture has undergone meticulous testing to guarantee its longevity and durability, capable of withstanding diverse climatic conditions. Don’t compromise on the quality of your site furniture; choose furnishings that exceeds expectations.

Smith Steelworks is the number one place to order site furniture for the state of Florida.

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