Classic Trash Receptacle

The Classic Trash Receptacle is a modern outdoor trash can option for commercial fronts, community parks, school campuses, and more. For a personalized finish, each receptacle may be laser cut with custom designs and logos. The metal trash receptacles are powder coated for a weatherproof layer that protects the metal against rust and corrosion.


20 gal Trash Receptacle – $1,280

32 gal Trash Receptacle – $1,420

44 gal Trash Receptacle – $1,560

*Prices vary with design.

  • Three Gallon Sizes: 20, 32, 44
  • Durable Design: The receptacle is cut from one metal sheet and bent into shape.
  • Logo Options: Add a city or business logo, along with other custom designs.
  • Hassle-Free Design: Straightforward trash bag removal and powder coated finish for easy, quick cleaning.

Custom Design Integration

Add a city, business, or custom logo to the trash receptacle.

Springville City Logo


To start, please email the logo or design of preference intended for the trash receptacle.

Springville City Bench Mockup


Next, a mockup of the receptacle will be sent to you for approval before moving on to production.

Orange Laser Cut Powder Coated Classic Park Bench

The Classic Trash Receptacle undergoes sandblasting, priming, and powder coating to ensure enduring durability. With a powder coat thickness twice that of average paint, it forms a robust barrier against outdoor moisture. Explore our range of color options here.

  • Eco-friendly process.
  • Resistant to chips and rust.
  • Color stays bright year after year.

Classic Trash Receptacle Gallery: