Classic Dome Trash Receptacle

The Classic Dome Trash Receptacle features an arched top that is available with an ashtray option. Each metal trash receptacle offers custom laser cut design options, powder coating finishes, and more. The powder coat protects the metal from rust and corrosion and other weathering conditions. To order, give us a call at (385) 225-4644 or click the link below.


20 gal Trash Receptacle – $1,530

32 gal Trash Receptacle – $1,615

44 gal Trash Receptacle – $1,945

*Prices vary with design.

  • Three Gallon Sizes: 20, 32, 44
  • Lid Options: The trash receptacle is available with either a Regular Dome Top or an Ashtray Dome Top.
  • Logo Options: We have the capability to incorporate a custom logo onto the trash receptacle.
  • Hassle-Free Design: Simple trash bag removal and a powder coated finish ensure swift and easy cleaning.

Lid Options

Choose a dome lid with or without an ashtray top.

Custom Design Integration

Custom logos can be laser cut directly into the trash receptacle. This includes business, city, or personal logos.

Springville City Logo


First, email us the design or logo you would like inlcuded on the trash receptacle.

Springville City Bench Mockup


Next, a mockup of the trash receptacle will be emailed for approval before moving to laser cutting.

Highland City Dome Receptacles

The Dome Trash Receptacles are crafted for enduring durability, ensuring resilience against all four seasons without succumbing to weathering. This is achieved through our advanced three-step powder coating process, which not only shields the metal but also fortifies it with a formidable layer of protection. View our colors here.

  • Twice as thick as normal paint.
  • Resistant to chips, rust, and scratches.
  • Large selection of color options.

Classic Dome Trash Receptacle Gallery: