California Site Furniture Installations

California. Home to Disneyland, the Redwoods, the Golden Gate Bridge, Hollywood Movie Stars… and California site furniture installations.

Overall, the Golden State is known for mild winters and a sunny climate. Our team takes this into consideration when designing site furniture and pavilions for the state of California.

Whether you require site furnishings for urban parks, seaside promenades, forest trails, or educational institutions, Smith Steelworks is your reliable manufacture. Choose from a selection of high-quality and durable site furniture to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of public areas.

San Clemente, California
Rushmore-Jeanine Park – Sacramento, California
Cabana Park – Sacramento, California
Stevensons Ranch, California
Hemmerling Elementary School – Banning, California

Rowland Adult and Community Education – Rowland Heights, California

Sequoia Hospital Foundation – Redwood City, California
Mammoth Lakes, California

Areas For California Site Furniture Installations:

School Grounds

Create friendships on the playground with a Buddy Bench or pay tribute to a student, teacher, or faculty member that has passed.

Park Signs

Instantly update the look and feel of your neighborhood park with a custom laser cut sign. Specially powder coated to withstand California’s strong sun rays without fading.

Shade Structures

Shade structures provide a place for people to gather and seek refuge from the sun. Moreover, our pavilions are attractive and add to the surrounding environment.

Custom Rustic Recreation Park Signs

What Makes California Site Furniture Installations So Great?

Sturdy Construction

California site furniture installations are designed to last. Stainless steel foot pads, fully closed welds, protective powder coat, and rounds of rigorous testing help achieve this level of durability.

Powder Coat Colors

Powder coat is available in a variety of colors ranging from classic neutrals to more bright and bold hues. View all the color options here.

Laser Cut Design

Business logos, city slogans, and dedicatory inscriptions are just a few examples of what are often put on benches and trash receptacles.

Durable Finish

The site furnishings are sandblasted, primed, and powder coated for a long-lasting finish. This three step process is needed to prevent rust, corrosion, fading, chips, and scratches.

Functionality & Style

California is known for it’s unique, picturesque landscapes and warm weather. Order Smith Steelworks site furniture and pavilions to accentuate it’s beauty while providing practicality and durability.

For anyone looking to order site furniture in the state of California, Smith Steelworks is the top choice.

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