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Bus Stop Bench

Introducing the Bust Stop Bench. This particular bench features a third armrest that is a great option for park, campuses, bus stops, and other metropolitan areas. Each bench. is available with custom design options including business. and city logos.


4′ Classic Bench – $1,890

6′ Classic Bench – $2,280

8′ Classic Bench – $2,750

4′ Classic Arch Bench – $2,030

6′ Classic Arch Bench – $2,420

8′ Classic Arch Bench – $2,920

*Prices vary with design.

Metal Bus Stop Benches
Provo Bus Stop Bench Manufacturers

Product Information:


4′ Bench: 48″ x 27″ x 38″

6′ Bench: 72″ x 27″ x 38″

8′ Bench: 96″ x 27″ x 38″


Bench Sizes

The Bus Stop Benches are available in sizes 4′, 6′, and 8′.

Design Durability

Our benches are cut from a single sheet of metal and bent into shape. This method requires fewer welds and yields a stronger product.


Each bench is powder coated to provide a long-lasting finish and is resistant to rust, chips, and scratches.

Logo Integration

Include your business or city logo to the back of the bus stop bench. Email us your logo and our designers will turn it into a laser cut ready proof. It is then cut into the back of the metal bus stop bench.

Powder Coat Finish

Each bench is sandblasted, primed, and powder coated. These steps ensure that the bench will last through years of harsh weather conditions and daily use. Powder coat is twice as thick as normal paint and is resistant to corrosion, rust, chips, scuffs, and scratches.

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