Bowery Pavilions

Are you considering adding a pavilion to your local park, church field, or campgrounds? Smith Steelworks proudly stands as one of the country’s top providers of pavilions nationwide. Our kits are fully customizable, allowing you to effortlessly match them to any outdoor area. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today at (801) 414-1724 to begin the process of creating your ideal bowery pavilions.

Bowery Pavilions By Smith Steelworks
Bowery Pavilion With Tables

Manufacturer Of Bowery Pavilions

At Smith Steelworks, we specialize in providing bowery pavilions for parks across the United States. Moreover, we offer a wide range of options, including various sizes, roof types, and color choices. As the manufacturer, our dedicated team ensures that every pavilion kit comes complete with all the necessary components. This includes lighting, roofing materials, anchor bolts, and more. Additionally, we provide stamped engineered drawings customized to specific locations.

Pavilion Safety Features

We designed the pavilion with high beams and no low hanging bolts. This keeps the park pavilion safe from climbing and roughhousing.

Weatherproof Design

In addition, they’re designed to withstand certain snow load and wind. We powder coat the metal columns to prevent rust and corrosion.

Additional Pavilion Amenities

Trash Receptacles

Maintain the cleanliness of your park by including one of our trash receptacles. Not only are these receptacles designed for convenient bag removal, but they also facilitate quick and easy cleaning. Moreover, we offer them in two different sizes to suit your specific needs. Placing a trash receptacle beneath the park pavilion is a perfect addition to ensure a litter-free environment.

Picnic Tables

No bowery is truly complete without the addition of picnic tables. At Smith Steelworks, our picnic tables come in both six and eight-foot sizes, and we also offer ADA Compliant options for accessibility. Furthermore, our tables are thoughtfully designed with angled legs to ensure stability and prevent any tipping. 

Ordering Your Bowery Pavilions

Talk directly to us today to get started on your pavilion kit!

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Pavilion Bowery Picnic

Skip the touble of third party providers and work directly with us at Smith Steelworks! We look forward to hearing from you!