Arizona Site Furniture Installations

Smith Steelworks ships across the United States, including Arizona. Here are a few examples of Arizona site furniture installations we have done.

Horseshoe Bend

The state of Arizona is known for long hot summers, mild winters, and monsoon seasons. One cannot think of Arizona without imagining vast desert, cacti, beautiful plateaus, and deep canyons. Our team keeps this in mind when designing Arizona site furniture.

At Smith Steelworks, we construct durable metal products that will withstand the harsh desert heat and the wind and rain of monsoons. We strive to make furnishings that will not only survive, but thrive in the Arizona climate.

Prescott Lakes Apartments Benches

Prescott, Arizona

Camp Green Howard Arizona Sign Installations

Camp Green Howard – Arizona

Marble Canyon AZ Pavilion

Marble Canyon, Arizona

Areas For Arizona Site Furniture Installations:

Camp & Park Areas

Campsites and parks are prime locations for pavilions and pavilion amenities including: picnic tables, outdoor grills, benches, and trash receptacles.

Business Fronts

Want to add professionalism, enhance brand effort, and provide a welcoming environment? Site furniture installations are available with custom laser cut logos and color options to match your business aesthetic.

Church Campuses

Churches and other worship buildings are places for people to gather, practice their faith, and be a community. With this in mind, having comfortable seating options to gather is essential.

Steel Powder Coated Apartment Benches

What Makes Arizona Site Furniture Installations So Great?

Durable Design

Stainless steel footpads, fully closed welds, thorough testing, and powder coat contribute to all around durable site furnishings and pavilions.

Color Options

Arizona is full of rich, earthy colors. We offer a large selection of powder coat colors to compliment the any setting. Copper Canyon is one of our most popular colors.

Laser Cut Logo

Benches, trash receptacles, and picnic tables are available with custom laser cut designs. This includes business or city logos and dedicatory scripts.

Weatherproof Finish

Arizona site furniture installations are sandblasted, primed, and powder coated. This process protects the metal from rust, corrosion, chips, scratches, and sun fade. Learn more here.

Functional & Beautiful

We strive to provide beautiful Arizona with site furnishings that are not only attractive, but also functional. Arizona’s harsh sun makes it imperative to have durable shade structures in recreational areas and metal furniture that won’t fade from prolonged sun exposure.

Smith Steelworks is the number one place to order site furniture for the state of Arizona.

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