Personalized Garden Bench

Wanting more than a run-of-the-mill bench? We have you covered! The personalized garden bench is designed to be fully customizable. Choose simple or complex artwork or lettering on the bench back. Looking for vibrant color options? Check out our powder coating colors page. Semi-Gloss Black, Statuary Bronze, and Purple Lilac are just a few examples of the colors that are available.

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Purple Lilac Jazzy Seniors Memorial Bench

Personalized Garden Bench Process

Creating a memorial bench with us is as easy as steps 1, 2, 3.

Step 1: Email Ideas

You have decided to move forward of the garden bench. What’s next? First, email your ideas for the bench design. This may include: lettering, pictures, and / or logos.

Step 2: Bench Mockup

Our team takes your ideas and turns them into a bench mockup. This proof is emailed to you for approval before moving on to manufacturing the memorial bench.

Purple Lilac Personalized Garden Bench

Step 3: Finished Product

Next, the garden bench goes through laser cutting, welding, and powder coating. Lastly, the metal bench is packaged up and shipped directly to you.

Personalized Garden Bench Purpose

Memorial benches are more than just a pretty piece of furniture. The bench was created to play a part in the healing process.

Garden Personalized Benches

Bring Friends & Family Together

Losing a loved one is a difficult trial for a family to go through. Our hope is that the garden bench can help bring everyone together during these hard times. Memorial benches provide a space to mourn, remember, and share stories.

Personalized Urn Benches

Urn Bench

The bench can be designed to provide a space to add your loved one’s ashes. This option is only available in the Classic Bench Style. You will need to mail us the remains and they will be carefully placed in the top bench bar. The bench can then be welded and powder coated like normal.

Start A Bench Order

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