Cemetery Bench Prices

Looking for a custom cemetery bench? We offer a variety of bench styles to match your needs and wants. The benches are available with inscriptions, portraits, landscapes, logos, and other personalized options. Personalization directly affects the cemetery bench prices. Call (801) 414-1724 or email russelhsmith@gmail.com to receive a memorial bench quote.

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Cemetery Bench Prices

Design Process Determines Cemetery Bench Prices

Lovingier Est 1973 Bench

Send Your Ideas

First, send the ideas you have for the cemetery bench. This may include photos, wording, previous examples, etc.

Lovingier Draft Bench

Bench Draft

Next, our team creates a draft incorporating your ideas. This will be emailed to you for approval before the bench is laser cut.

Final Bench

Last, the memorial bench is laser cut, welded, and powder coated. You can view all of our powder coating colors here.

What Affects The Cemetery Bench Prices?

Bench Styles

To start, choose the cemetery bench style you are interested in. Our three styles are: Classic, Classic Arch, and Metropolitan.

Classic Bench

The Classic Bench is our least expensive option. This bench style is great for parks, garden areas, and other minimalistic areas. Cremation Benches are also a popular option that is only available with the Classic Bench. You can view Classic Memorial Bench examples here.

Cemetery Classic Bench Prices
Cemetery Classic Arch Bench Prices

Classic Arch Bench

Classic Arch Benches are our most in demand bench style. The arched shape provides additional room on the bench back for designs. When choosing a cemetery bench, be sure to take into account what artwork you want on the bench back. Landscapes and large intricate artwork work well on the Classic Arch Bench.

Metropolitan Bench

Metropolitan Benches are the most expensive, as far as cemetery bench prices go. This unique modern style is a beautiful option for business fronts and other urban areas. Can the Metropolitan Bench be customized? Yes! The bench back is fair game for personalized designs; same as the other two bench options.

Metropolitan Cemetery Bench Prices

Bench Designs

Our designer takes your ideas and turns them into a finished product. It goes without saying that some designs take longer to create than others. The cemetery bench prices range depending on the level of artwork you are wanting. Simple lettering is the least expensive option and portraits tend to take the longest and are the most expensive design option.

Inscription Cemetery Bench Prices


Looking for simple lettering on the bench back? Add names, dates, poetry, and other personalized wording. We offer a large variety of font options to match the design idea you have in mind. Each letter is tabbed to be compatible with our laser cutter.

Wording & Simple Artwork

Want to add a logo, symbol, or small piece of artwork? Each person has special talents and interests and many family members want the memorial bench to reflect their loved one’s interests. Previous cemetery benches have included ballet shoes, hearts, balloons, sports team logos, butterflies and much more!

Symbol Cemetery Bench Prices
Landscape Cemetery Bench Prices


Landscape benches are perfect for those that had a love for the great outdoors. Cemetery bench prices depend on the level of design work that goes into the bench. Animals, mountain ranges, and sceneries are all beautiful, custom options to go on the cemetery bench. We have also created benches with skylines, including our Vegas Strong Bench.


Portraits are the most personalized option for the bench. To start, email russelhsmith@gmail.com a few photos of your loved one. This helps our artist achieve a realistic likeness of the person. A draft is emailed to you for approval before moving on to laser cutting. This gives you a chance to have any changes made to the portrait. We don’t create the bench until you are 100% satisfied with the design.

Portrait Cemetery Bench Prices

Call For Cemetery Bench Prices

Call (801) 414-1724 to receive a memorial bench quote.