Bleacher Bench Style

The bleacher bench is perfect for sports parks, college campuses, business fronts, and other commercial properties. They are a simple but comfortable display.

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Our 3-Step Process

As a steel manufacturing company we take quality very seriously. After welding all the joints closed so that nothing can get in them, or so that rust doesn’t ruin the bench, we powder coat the bench and legs. Not all bleacher benches are powder the same. Below is our three step process of what we do to ensure the highest quality and satisfaction from our customers.

Step 1

The first step in our process is to sandblast the steel. By sandblasting the steel, all impurities, such as rust, dirt, or old paint, are removed from the steel. The steel is sandblasted to a white finish and a profile is added to the steel for the primer and powder coat to adhere to.

Step 2

The next step, which is something that sets us apart is applying the primer coat. This coat is the base under the powder coat. The primer coat helps protect against the spreading of rust and corrosion from harsh weather or scratches.

Step 3

The final step is powder coating. The powder paint is applied to the primed surface and cured in the oven. The finish of the final product is flawless. The powder coat is much harder and longer lasting than normal liquid paint. It’s also twice as thick as normal liquid paint. Plus, the color that you choose for your project will stay looking as vibrant the day that it go out of the oven.


We have two different options below for bleacher bench styles. The bench material is aluminum, which is then powder coated to make it last longer and protect it against the harsh weather. The bleacher legs are also powder coated so that they are more resistant to rust and corrosion. Choose which bleacher bench style is for you.